adopt a tree club

Adopt a tree from the kukkula grove and receive oil from your tree for a year. This is a perfect gift for yourself or a lucky friend. An annual adoption includes:

Immediately (or in January for renewals):

  • A 750 ml bottle of extra virgin kukkula olive oil
  • A welcome packet containing:
    • An adoption certificate identifying your tree, with a picture.
    • A coupon for a complimentary wine tasting for two in the kukkula tasting room.
    • Samples of kukkula olive oil (80ml), olive oil soap, wine jelly and more in a re-usable bag.

In November:

  • Three 250ml bottles of olive oil. Perfect for your own use or to be used as gifts.

All year long (from sign-up date):

  • A 15% discount on kukkula olive oil and other kukkula branded products (soap, jelly, t shirts, etc.) sold in our tasting room (excluding wine).
  • Visitation privileges: You may visit your tree during our regular tasting room hours (check the website for specifics). Check in at the tasting room for directions to your tree and a tag to identify it.

One year membership is $130 which is charged upon joining and includes shipping anywhere in the U.S. Membership will automatically renew at the end of January. You may cancel at any time, but need to let us know a month prior to the mid-January shipping/billing.

*kukkula wine club members enjoy their wine club discounts on their own and gift adoptions.