Are shipping charges included?

Yes, all shipping within the US is included in your annual cost. We will use GSO for shipping in CA, AZ, NV and NM, and will ship through the US Postal Service for all other states. If you would like to ship outside the US, please contact us and we will research additional costs.

How can I visit my tree?

You may visit during the regular kukkula tasting room hours (usually Fri-Sun 11-5). Just be sure to check in with the tasting room staff for directions to your tree and a tag you can use to personalize it.

Can I visit during picking/pressing?

We will make every effort to notify everyone via email of our picking/pressing dates, but generally we don’t schedule dates in advance. The picking and pressing is done in late November or early December, and is dictated by weather conditions and the ripeness of the fruit. Even if the tasting room is normally closed on the harvest and pressing day(s), we will open to welcome tree parents for this event.

Is the oil I get really from my very own tree?

Well, it MAY be from your own tree. It is impossible for us to press the olive oil tree by tree, and our entire orchard is pressed on a single day. In the future, as our production grows, we may press by varietal or in blocks, in which case we can get closer to providing you with oil from your own tree. The 1.5 liters of oil you receive is a rough average of what one of our trees produce.

How can I renew?

If you receive your tree as a gift, you must provide us with your own credit card information prior to the January renewal to continue your adoption. If you signed up yourself, your renewal will be automatic in January, unless you notify us 30 days prior to billing/shipping.

How can I cancel?

You may cancel at any time, but please let us know by the end of December, as we will be billing and shipping in January. You may email us at [email protected] or call (805)227-0111.